PJIR | Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research - Multan

پاکستان جرنل آف اسلامک ریسرچ

ISSN (print): 2070-0326
ISSN (online): 2618-0820


Islamic Research Centre, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan was established in 2007, publishing a biannual research journal titled Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research (PJIR), since then. The journal seeks to develop the research methodologies in various fields of Islamic learning, to identify and study the contemporary issues and interpret the teachings of Islam, so that these teachings assist not only the Pakistani society but the whole Ummah, to live according to the imperatives of Islam. Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research is promoting a moderate and reasonable style of discourse on the rising issues of Islamic society and the challenges that are being faced by the Muslim Ummah. The journal is playing its role in the improvement of the integration of research and enhancing the multidisciplinary research initiative. Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research attains a fine reputation among scholarly journals in Pakistan and is providing standardized research publications to the scholars and the public as well. The struggle will continue to strengthen the research quality to reach the higher international research standards.