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The purpose of this article is to beg the attention of the general public towards the insurgency of the Repudiation to the Prophet’s Tradition. Under the deceptive guise of hypocrisy, a particular school of thought is propagating this hostility with Islam under the attractive coating of well-being and betterment of the people. They are doing their obnoxious job very enigmatically, surreptitiously and cunningly as they are taken by the people for the enlightened and modern religious scholars with the expertise and the solutions of the problems of this age. The exalted and above all position of the holy Qurʼān in the legal system of Islam is irrefutable but it does not infer in the refusal and renunciation of the Sunnah of the Prophet as it is proclaimed by the so called and good for nothing scholars. Their falsified claim is that the Sunnah is not reliable because of the difference in reports. They also claim that Sunnah is against the rules of modernity and rationality and leads to rigidity and backwardness. They consider the compilation system of the Sunnah and Ḥadīth as skeptical, because it is interpolated after the demise of the Prophet. In this way, they left no stone unturned to demolish the skyscraper of Islamic legal system. All these and many others like these doctrines are propagated by the modernists officious catered by the orientalists; the tentacle tools of the imperial mechanism.  It is due to the incessant and untiring struggles and strives of the savants of Islam that this horrible tumultuousness could not penetrate into the sensible Muslim society, but the chaos can be created into the minds of common people as they know nothing about the dignified Qurʼānic introduction and position of the Prophet.  The subject oriented research method is employed qualitatively to analyses the activities of the anti-Islamic activists.


Chairman, Department of Islamic studies, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore.


  • drtmqazi@lgu.edu.pk

Muhammad Riaz


Ph.D Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore.



Type: Article
Volume: 22
Issue: 2
Language: English
Id: 61cf091949c10
Discipline: Arts & Humanities
Published December 31, 2021


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